New Sparkle Party Ideas with Delish Ice

by borntosparkle
November 16, 2020
Born to Sparkle is so excited to announce our new collaboration with Delish Ice, who make the most delicious popsicles in WA! We can now host Sparkle Pop Parties!

“But SparkleSloth, what is a Sparkle Pop Party?” I hear you asking me. Good question, because we only just created them.

Imagine you’re at a party with all your friends, and there’s a shimmering rainbow sparkle technician who’s floating around and bringing out everyone’s inner sparkle. You’re feelin’ (and lookin’) amazing, and then you sidle up to the vintage-style popsicle stand, which has this beautiful selection of artisan-made ice pops. And the pops are just as sparkly as your face!

Sparkle Pop Parties come in many forms to fit your budget. We’ll even be able to do make-your-own-pop stations, which are SO much fun! Born to Sparkle is most excited about the edible glitter popsicles, though. Can you blame us?

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Mrs Sparkles is a huge fan of Delish Ice. I think it’s partly because she can relate to the origin story with Born to Sparkle. One day in 2011, a woman called Katie was suffering out in the heat at a festival. She remembered the nice, refreshing popsicles she’d seen on the cover of her Donna Hay magazine and realised no one in Australia had a popsicle stand! So she made her own.



Mrs Sparkles met Katie the first time Born to Sparkle ever went to a market. She was packing up after a long, hard day when Katie gave her a popsicle as she was leaving. Mrs Sparkles was like ‘WOW!’ because it was so delicious and refreshing, and she has admired Katie ever since.


“She’s just a normal lady who had an idea, and now she’s got this little pop empire!” Sounds familiar, right? Mrs Sparkles says that Katie’s visually stunning setup was the original inspiration to make Born to Sparkle events look amazing as well.




I decided to interview Katie and get all the juicy details of what crazy new things we’ll be able to have at parties now!


✨?: What are the most POPular Delish Ice flavours?

Definitely the raspberry lemonade is our biggest seller. Cookies and cream, double chocolate and pavlova are our really popular creamy flavours… and creamy iced coffee!

We’ve got lots of flavours; we’ve probably got 15 or 16 regular flavours, so there’s something for everybody. We’ve got flavours that appeal to kids, flavours that appeal to adults – like our ginger beer, and our passionfruit mint and lime. We’ve got a no-added-sugar range too. We’ve got vegan flavours and lots of flavours that are allergen-friendly. So yeah, we can kinda make everyone smile.

Because I’m taking someone’s money it’s really important for me that they walk away really happy. The popsicles have to be really delicious. We always do lots of sampling when we do events to see people’s reactions and refine the recipes over time. We use lots of real ingredients, lots of fresh fruit where we can.


✨?: How does the make-your-own pop station work?

People can grab a selection of pops – we’ve got a little mini size and a regular size. You can buy Ice Magic or you can make your own using chocolate and coconut oil, and then you can just get different toppings like pistachios, crushed up MnMs, Oreos, popping candy… People can come and choose what they want and pick their own pops which is a lot of fun.


✨?: Can we really have sparkle pops?!

Yeah, we’ve actually done sparkle pops before. We created a lemonade popsicle that we dipped in iridescent sparkles, and the bar tender had a cocktail that was this really pretty blue, and when you added citrus to it it changed to purple. We gave people this popsicle with lemon and sparkles, so when they added the popsicle to the cocktail it changed colour and left a nice little glitter on the top.

✨?: That is SO COOL! I hope people do that at their hens nights and stuff.


✨?: What fun things does Delish Ice bring to a party?

We really put the emphasis on two things: having an amazing-tasting product – like when you try the pops alongside one of the bigger commercial brands, you can definitely taste the difference – but also when we do events, customer service and experience is really important. Like the girls are always really happy, friendly and bubbly, they’re chatty, just sorta joke around. We dress up in that vintage vibe, we’ve got the pink flamingos, the bubble machines, there’s a little bit of music… and the look and feel of the van, the carts – they’re fun! It’s just about creating a really memorable experience for people, bringing a bit of smile and delight to someone’s day.


Ah, Katie is such a nice person. And how amazing does that sound?! We can’t wait to do our first Sparkle Pop Parties with you! Click here to book yours in. There are so many sparkles and smiles to be shared!


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