Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can you sparkle in an hour?

Each sparkle technician can do face sparkles and glitter tattoos for about 20 people per hour.

If your guests will mainly want face and body glitter from the Sparkle Bar, one sparkle technician can sparkle 30-40 people in an hour.

Do you travel outside of Perth metro area to do events?

Sure do! We can go anywhere in WA, there's just a driving fee of $1 per km after the first 15km from Sparkle HQ (Hilton).

If your event is in a regional area, you might need to give us a call to work out accommodation with Mrs Sparkles.

Do I need to pay for my sparkly event all in one go?

To secure your booking through our website, you do need to pay in full. The 20% non-refundable deposit is included.

However, if you email us or give Mrs Sparkles a call on 0434 923 553, we can lock in your booking with just the deposit. You'll be invoiced and required to pay the balance before the day of the booking.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to pay for your booking in installments, because this is also something we can arrange!

What kind of glitter do you use?

We at Born to Sparkle are conscious that microplastics cause a lot of harm to the environment. We don't want to contribute to the tonnes of plastic filling the oceans, even if it's shiny and beautiful glitter. We just want to sparkle care-free!

Mrs Sparkles did the work to find out that many "environmentally friendly" glitters actually damage the planet in other ways, or cause skin reactions.

So all the glitter that Born to Sparkle uses is eco-glitter from Glittolicious. It's the best eco-friendly option we've found that's non-toxic, cosmetic-grade, and gorgeous! We're always on the hunt for the most ethical and sparkly glitter around, and can do completely plastic-free glitter for special events upon request.

How long do Born to Sparkle glitter tattoos last?

They can last up to a week, but it depends on your skin type and where you place the tattoo. Some people have told us their tattoos lasted for three weeks! Follow our care instructions to give your glitter tattoo its longest life.

How do I take off my glitter tattoo?

If you need to remove your glitter tattoo for whatever reason, our care instruction cards hold all the answers. But if you've lost yours, don't panic! Taking off glitter tattoos is pretty simple.

You can use makeup remover, lotion, baby oil or any other oil-based product. Apply it to the tattoo and let it soak for a few minutes before you rub it off. If you've just had a shower it's a bit easier again because it softens the adhesive.

What glue do you use for glitter tattoos?

We use the industry standard Pros-Aide for glitter tattoos, glitter lips and glitter eyebrows. It's super strong and water resistant, which makes the tattoos last. It's also medical-grade, so it's completely safe - even for sensitive skin.

My child has sensitive skin. Is this safe?

Definitely. Mrs Sparkles, being a mum herself, has made sure that all our services are safe for kids (and adults!) with sensitive skin. She sourced the glitter, sparkles and glue with skin safety at the top of her list.

Are the stencils reusable?

Yes! We don't reuse our stencils at events for hygiene and safety reasons, but you can definitely reuse the stencils in your DIY Sparkle Packs. Just take them off carefully, put them onto their backing, and you're all set.

Where do you get those rainbow dresses?

Right?! We love them too. They were tailored for us by local dressmaker and friend of Born to Sparkle, Lilly. Thanks Lilly!

Do you have a physical store I can visit?

No, we bring our sparkles along to events and parties. You can visit our online store right here on the website by clicking the "shop" tab. We also have a store on eBay as well.

COVID-19 Update:

We are so excited to sparkle again! We’ll be sparkling up parties from the 20th of June. Yay!!

To make sure everyone can sparkle safely, we’re following strict procedures. This is our COVID Safety Plan, which we’ll be taking with us to all our parties. Feel free to have a read.

The Born to Sparkle Favourites Collection of Glitter Tattoo Designs

These popular designs come with all our glitter tattoo packages. Feel free to ask us to see our entire catalog of designs, and you can pick anything you like from there for an extra $20.