Glittolicous Gem Set ~Elula~


Hey there love child! Are you a glitter addict? Elula has got your back. Serve up some serious goddess vibes with this beautiful bling! Dot your brows with diamonds and let them know who is boss!


These stunning crystal-like shards have been angled to create a strikingly fierce and fabulous look. Thick clear gems form two icy peaks that glint like chandeliers in the light.


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Product Description

Our gems are a cut above the rest in quality, variety and longevity.


They all come with our powerful Pros-Aide skin adhesive (did you know we are WA’s exclusive supplier?) so you can sparkle away all day!


Pros-Aide is a hypoallergenic, waterproof skin adhesive. Ours comes in a handy tube with an applicator that’s perfect to use for glitter tattoos, glitter brows, glitter lips and of course our Glittolicous Gems. A convenient size to pop in your handbag for glitter on the go!


Simply remove your gems from the white backing (keep this for storage) and apply Pros-Aide to the back. Pop them on your forehead, under your eyes or anywhere you want to shimmer and shine. They are that easy to use!


Some of our previous sparklers have worn them to PRIDE events, music festivals, hens nights and baby showers! The waterproof Pros-Aide means you can dance the night away and your gems will stay put, perfectly sparkling in any lighting. Colour-coordinate Glittolicous Gems with your outfit, or to your makeup for a dramatic statement! They are fantastic for a top-notch selfie – don’t forget to tag us!


Product photography by HBL Photography


Weight 30 g

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