Pros-Aide® Body Glue


This is the famous body glue we use for glitter tattoos, glitter lips, glitter eyebrows, and face and body gems! Born to Sparkle is Australia’s sole supplier.


Pros-Aide is a medical-grade adhesive, so it’s totally safe for skin but also strong and water resistant, which is why our glitter tattoos last so long!


There’s regular, mini, and 60ml bottle sizes, depending on your needs. We also have Pros-Aide cream, which some people find easier to use. To get the longest life out of your reusable glitter tattoo stencils, go for one of the larger sizes.


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Product Description

The “original” medical grade water-based adhesive for the skin. It adheres for long periods without irritation. Pros-Aide‚® is the leading adhesive used for medical prosthetic applications. Pros-Aide‚® is the standard in the industry for adhering appliances and other make-up components to the skin. It is safe to use on all skin including sensitive areas. It gives a strong bond and has high water resistance. It is non-toxic and completely safe. Pros-Aide‚® is the base for PAX PaintTM – a combination of water-based colours with Pros-Aide‚®. PAX PaintTM is a flexible colour with high bond strengths used for the skin and many surfaces. Pros-Aide‚® has been used in thousands of projects in filming major motion pictures, stage, and TV.

Important Information

Safe for use on the skin when adhering foam latex prosthetics, latex prosthetics, gelatin. Can be used to apply glitter tattoos and face and body gems. A great addition to any face painter’s or festival-goer’s makeup kit.


Made in the USA




Water, acrylic emulsion, glycerol, guar gum, sorbitol, benzyl alcohol (as preservative)


Apply to cleansed dry skin. Wait about 20-30 seconds until the adhesive turns clear and tacky, comes with more detailed instructions.




Weight 60 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 8 cm

60ml Bottle, Mini Applicator, Regular Applicator, Cream Tub

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