Rainbow Sparkle Stack


Born to Sparkle’s classic stack of rainbow face and body glitters from Glittolicious. Wear them one at a time or all at once!


?✨(rainbows + sparkles = magic)✨?


You get 6 chunky eco-glitter mixes of red, orange, yellow, green, purple and blue! Available in small, medium or large, depending on your glitter needs. These are super vibrant and bound to make an impact every time you wear them. Perfect for Pride! ?️‍?


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Product Description

All our glitter is from Glittolicous, a Western Australian company with a huge variety of eco-glitters. Their cosmetic grade eco-glitters are super sparkly, so they’re perfect for glitter tattoos and face sparkles, even for those with sensitive skin.


Product photography by HBL Photography


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Mini Stack, Regular Tubs, Large Tubs

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